Moving Opera Seminar 1: Clashing with modernity

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Moving Opera Seminar 1: Clashing with modernity

Hotel Pro Forma thanks everyone attending the seminar Moving Opera with panel talks and keynotes from both national and international artists and performers.

We were very pleased to have so many people participating from such a wide variety of people from the Danish theater and music scene. It made for a good, honest and multifaceted exchange of ideas and opinions. Positive meetings within the community requires an understanding and respect between colleges for the situation, framework and possibilities others work and create within.

Thanks to all for a highly interesting day that makes us look even more forward to the coming seminar New Technology – New Opera in Aarhus.

Save the date:
Moving Opera Seminar 2: New technology – new opera?
Godsbanen, Aarhus
8 November, 13:00-17:30

Read more about the seminar here:

More information about Moving Opera here:

Following this seminar, Hotel Pro Forma will be performing NEOARCTIC in Aarhus, 9-11 November. Get tickets and find out about our related activities at

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