Collaborations with international artists

For a number of years, Hotel Pro Forma has been offering international artists a unique opportunity to work in our studio in Copenhagen in periods of 6-8 weeks.

Artists work with Hotel Pro Forma’s team
In earlier years, the artists were hand picked to develop, create and display their own interdisciplinary works with us. Recently, Hotel Pro Forma’s Artist Residencies have provided a common ground for artists and Hotel Pro Forma’s team to work together on various projects.

Together we create artistic innovation
By mutually inspiring and challenging each other, important knowledge about artistic tools and approaches is shared. We believe that this is an important means to continuously opening up new opportunities and creating artistic innovation for both parties – and for putting it on to the entire artistic field as well.

Works are always put on display
The ambition is to create innovative, genre-breaking works of art that are exceptionally challenging and touching, both for the artists ourselves and for our audiences. Depending on their characteristics, they are displayed at specific events at Hotel Pro Forma’s location or elsewhere in Copenhagen.

Please note: We will not be able to host residencies in 2019-2020.

The residencies aim at professional artists who work interdisciplinarily

Artists wishing to join Hotel Pro Forma’s residency must be professional and have proven experience in the development of interdisciplinary projects. We give priority to applicants who work in the Science + Art (SCI + ART) field, since it is the basis of a lot of Hotel Pro Forma’s own activities.

Hotel Pro Forma also expects the resident artists to be open to cooperating and sharing knowledge with Hotel Pro Forma’s artistic team, including the team of creative interns that work with us on our productions.

How to join

For the season 2019/20, we are not able to accept resident artists.

All artists are selected by artistic director Kirsten Dehlholm.

For more information, please contact Hotel Pro Forma at

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