Hotel Pro Forma

Hotel Pro Forma is an international production house and a meeting place for cross-disciplinary artistic work.

We are recognized for our genre-wide and innovative works, which transcend the boundaries between visual arts, text, music, theater, installations and architecture. We work with themes of a universal nature in conceptual, visual and musical settings with the application of the latest technology and artistic innovation.

We are researchers of performing arts. Our artistic work is like a set of binoculars looking into microscopic matter and out on the grand universe. A framing of existence, with time being of the essence. We envision the future and the past, and not the least, our time.

Hotel Pro Forma creates art with new technologies
Behind the scenes, Hotel Pro Forma runs a host of activities that challenge and renew the artistic creation process and explore the possibilities of using new technologies in performing arts. An important part of our work is a “Performing Arts Incubator”. The incubator concept is known from the business community, where special programs for entrepreneurs and startup companies optimize their conditions for developing and maturing before entering the market. Hotel Pro Forma works similarly as a hub where artists, partners, art forms and combinations of art and technology meet and enrich each other, creating new artistic innovation.

The artistic process is at the core of our operation
Hotel Pro Forma’s work is strongly linked to the artistic method, which we apply in all of our productions. Hotel Pro Forma develops artistic concepts in an extensive research process that often lasts for several years, exceeding art, genres, subjects, disciplines, industries and national borders. Our work is a continuous artistic investigation of the world and the practical application of new technology. An investigation which benefits through strong collaboration and co-creation with partners and artists.

Kirsten Dehlholm and Hotel Pro Forma is widely recognized
Hotel Pro Forma was founded in 1985 by Kirsten Dehlholm (1945). As artistic director and stage designer, her work with Hotel Pro Forma has received great recognition both in Denmark and internationally.

Kirsten Dehlholm has received several prestigious awards. In 2015, she received the Danish Reumert Award of Honor for her life long artistic achievements. Also in 2015, she received “The Distinguished Artist Award” from The International Society of Performing Arts.

It’s impossible to know everything about reality. But nevertheless, we constantly try to approach it, enclose it, understand it. I use my performances to explore the world, to investigate reality. We humans are born as psychological beings asking, “What does it mean, what is it about?” I answer with a performance about perspective and gravity. Or about the baroque era.Kirsten Dehlholm in the book Skønhedens Hotel ("The Hotel of Beauty"), 2015

Hotel Pro Forma is a self-governing institution


Tom Ahlberg, chairman

Lars Lundbye

Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm

Merete Lundbye Møller

Mikael Fock

Bradley Allen

Hotel Pro Forma is supported by

Danish Arts Foundation