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6 x 5-stars reviews for COSMOS+ in Copenhagen

Overwhelming response from families and reviewers

February 2015 was a great month for Hotel Pro Forma. We staged COSMOS+ in The Grey Hall in Copenhagen with a Danish cast.

For the first time in Hotel Pro Forma’s history, families with kids were the main audience. Most of the performances were sold out. We received letters, emails, pictures and phone calls from excited audiences of all ages. Reviewers from the Danish newspapers and online-magazines gave fabulous reviews.

Politiken: “When it comes to setting out into the cosmos, Dehlholm is on home territory. Precisely because only two per cent of the universe can be described and, basically speaking, we know precious little about it. So this is all the more reason to send us off on an insanely fine, sense-tingling tour de force out into space… COSMOS+ is a performance that is mind-boggling”.

Teater1: “With COSMOS+ Hotel Pro Forma has truly produced a new format for children’s theatre. A format of fantastic international artistic quality, that in no way talks down to the children. The little ones, just like the adults, have to be on their toes to follow and understand or just enjoy the unique images and music in constant motion. Star images in constant eternal change. They have to look up!”

Furthermore COSMOS+ has just been nominated as the best performance for children and youth in Lithuania.

COSMOS+ can be made in all languages with local cast.

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