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A Big Bang performance about the Wonders of the Universe

COSMOS+ is being restaged in Swedish at Uppsala Stadsteater, Sweden
12 Mar – 7 May 2016.

COSMOS+ is a performance created with the aim of arousing enthusiasm and curiosity about the beauty and many mysteries of the universe. A composition of live performance with text, music, projections and light, bringing us closer to the stars, the planets, the sun, comets and asteroids.

Teater1 (DK) – 5 stars
A format of fantastic international artistic quality, that in no way talks down to the children. The little ones, just like the adults, have to be on their toes to follow and understand or just enjoy the unique images and music in constant motion. Star images in constant eternal change. They have to look up!

The performance premiered in 2014 in Vilnius and was a big success in Copenhagen in 2015.

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