Internship at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma+

Internship at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma

Internship at Atelier Hotel Pro Forma

Each semester, Danish and international students can apply for 8 -10 internship placements in visual arts, light and sound design, video design, architecture, dramaturgy, performing arts and arts management.


The internship programme is part of Atelier Hotel Pro Forma which also runs a residency programme for upcoming, international artists. Read more about our Artist-in-Residence programme here.


Interns work together on developing Hotel Pro Forma’s productions, projects with artists-in-residence, and create our monthly exhibitions at the Atelier. Several former interns now work with Hotel Pro Forma’s national and international productions.

The internship is 30 hours per week and unpaid and takes place in September - December and February - May.


Through our international internship programme, Atelier Hotel Pro Forma wishes to share and develop our knowledge together with students who can be inspired by our working methods, and who are interested in collaborating on the creation of Hotel Pro Forma’s new artworks on a conceptual and organisational level. 

The programme is a combination of individual and group work, where students work interdisciplinarily with each other across areas such as architecture, literature, visual arts, sound, light, performing arts and arts management. 

It is a unique programme in its collaborative approach to the arts.

To learn more about Atelier Hotel Pro Forma, please contact Lisbeth Jacobi,

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