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The pleasure of touring our major performances stays intact year by year. And when the long process from the initial expression of interest from a festival or venue till the performance finally meets the audience ends up with performing for a very positive audience and critics, it doesn’t get much … Read More


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With words like “future of the opera”, “sublime”, “Gesamtkunstwerk”, “fantastic worlds” and “highly sophisticated”, we feel entitled to consider Vespertine well recieved. On 26 May, we presented the world premiere of this magnificent collaboration with Nationaltheater Mannheim to an excited and enthusiastic audience. It was a great pleasure to finally … Read More

Moving Opera Seminar 1: Clashing with modernity

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Hotel Pro Forma thanks everyone attending the seminar Moving Opera with panel talks and keynotes from both national and international artists and performers. We were very pleased to have so many people participating from such a wide variety of people from the Danish theater and music scene. It made for … Read More


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Gain insights into the meeting between performing arts and technology, and help Hotel Pro Forma decide the future direction of our artist residency programme. Hotel Pro Forma organizes a “consultation day” on Thursday August 17th 2017 at 12.30-15.30. The event takes place at Hotel Pro Forma’s atelier, Strandlodsvej 6B, 3. … Read More