AMDUAT / 2020

World premiere19.4. — 10.5.2020 På scenen Motorer til hængende objekter venligst sponsoreret af Wahlberg Motion Design Pressemeddelelse: Læs og download pressemedddelse om Amduat Læs og download introduktion til undervisningsmateriale om Amduat Læs og download undervisningsmateriale om Amduat Anbefales fra 16 år Efter en fuldstændig udsolgt spilleperiode med GILGAMESH på Ny … Read More


Talk, lunch and performance Saturday, April 27th, Pernille Carstens puts Gilgamesh into a historical and cultural context and tells about Mesopotamia; Society and the time when Gilgamesh plays out. Pernille Carstens is a publisher, writer and PhD. in theology, specializing in Near-oriental religion. Read more about Gilgamesh When:Saturday, April 27 … Read More


Conversation, dinner and performance Hear artistic director Kirsten Dehlholm and poet Morten Søndergaard share the process of making the performance of Gilgamesh. They discuss what problems and potentials may lie in translating literature written in a dead language and why such an epic as Gilgamesh is still relevant. Read more … Read More


The informal CPH Breakfast is artistic inspiration during one-hour-breakfast get-togethers. This spring we will focus on how we talk about artistic productions in our collaborations. How do you talk about art in a no-label time? How do we create a mutually beneficial creative collaboration? Why? CPH Breakfast is an informal … Read More