Performance art as an investigation of the world

Performance art as an investigation of the world

Hotel Pro Forma is an international laboratory of performance, installation and opera. The conceptual and the aesthetic are characteristic for work process and expression.

Productions are developed through a long termed study and research, and subject matter is taken from a widespread field of interest. The artistic process is explorative and transdisciplinary. Every production is a new experiment and contains a double staging: contents and space. The architecture and the traditions of the venue are part of the performance as a co-player.

The structure of the performances is strongly anchored in music and visual arts and does not follow traditional theatrical structures. They presents aesthetic universes that investigate subjects such as evolution, perception, perspective and gravity, world cultures, cosmos, war and storytelling. All themes and subjects are put into a new context.

The productions by Hotel Pro Forma are characterised by immense diversity as the space, concept, collaborators, and performers change from one work to the next. Each production is the result of a close collaboration of professionals from many disciplines: the visual arts, architecture, music, film, literature, science, and digital media. Performers are carefully selected according to the qualities required by the concept and the nature of the performance.

Experimental technology in visuals, light and sound is developed for each work so that the subject matter is seen, heard and experienced anew.

Since 1985, Hotel Pro Forma has produced more than 50 works shown in over 30 countries, ranging from exhibitions to performances and opera stagings. Hotel Pro Forma received many prestigious awards from important Danish and European Arts Institutions.

Kirsten Dehlholm is the founder and artistic director of Hotel Pro Forma. In 2015 she was awarded with the distinguished Artist Award for the Performing Arts (ISPA) as well as the Danish Honorary Reumert Award of the Year. The Reumert is the grand award of Danish Theatre.

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